60 minute Escape Room
This is a 60 min experience.
2-4 players.

Recommended Age 12 and up

Hidden deep in Rocket City is Dragons Lair Technology where a virus has escaped containment. As our new scientists you must break into the Lab and finish the work of Ash and Alice to make the Cure.

But they are nowhere to be found!

Will you keep the cure for yourself, or mass produce it to the world. You will only have 45 minutes before the Room is incinerated with your infected bodies in it. A fight between morality and our own well been. It’s a race against time, and your partner is starting to feel sick. Do you have what it takes to successfully beat the odds and make the cure? I wish you luck young scientists.

This Is The Cure only at Dragons Lair. 

This is a hour long experience. 45-minute Timer starts after you break in and turn on the systems.


As for its PG 12 vibe its Strongly encouraged for 12 years old to Adults, due to some zombie vibes, scares and gross experiments.

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