Birthday Parties and Events

Make your Birthday a Blast in the Lair!

Throw and epic birthday party with Dragon’s Lair. Our parties are available Monday through Sunday. We have options to fit different budgets with 2 epic party rooms. Party room features

  • Small fridge to store your food and beverages
  • 2 Private Video Games
  • Gift table

Birthday Party FAQ

Weekday parties require a minimum of one week notice and deposit paid ( M-Thrus)

Basic Party with No Party Room

Pricing is $22.40 per player the maze takes up to 22 players. 

Party Room Add On:

If you would like a themed party room for 2 hours that would be $45.

To book your party email customercontact@dragonslaircenter.com


Private Party with NO ROOM.

If you’re going to have a lot of players or just want a private session that price is $375. 

This ensures your party is blocked off. No general players will be coming into the session with your party on the weekends.

If you bring all 22 it saves $117. 

We can also pull some table together and put reserve signs on them. You’re still more than welcome to bring in what you would like.  This would be in the main common room there would still be general customers coming and going, so it could be noisy. This is no charge.

Please email customercontact@dragonslaircenter.com to ensure  this booking. We will need to know when your players are booked so employees can block off those table before you arrive.

Private Party with Themed Room.

Bring up to 22 players. Blocks off any general customers coming into your session.

2 hours from the start of Laser Tag in the room.

Price is $415

Saves $122.80 if you bring in all 22 players.

Laser tag is 70 mins long. We will start right on time. So please tell parents dropping off to be at the business early. We do not want to lose out on time, since everything is on a tight schedule. 

If there are late comers we will bump them into the session and get them up to speed

We do charge a $75 non refundable deposit. 

ALSO, WE WILL NOT BOOK A PARTY WITHOUT THE DEPOSIT. We can send an invoice that can be paid online at you convenience. Second option is please give us a number to reach you at or schedule a time during the week or weekend for us to call you or stop on in. 

If things come up or need to reschedule. Please let us know as soon as possible. We will work with any concern within a reasonable time frame. 


We can block off the room for you all. There you can bring in any food, drink, cake, ice-cream ex….. Even if you want to decorate even more. Each room has  2 private video games for only your party. 

We also have a refrigerator and freezer you’re more than welcome to use that Is in the room with you all. 

We will block it off for up to 2 hours when laser tag starts.   We do charge for that room.  It would be $45 for the 2 hours.

Team Building

Bring your company or private group to the Lair for the ultimate test of leadership, communication and teamwork. Call or email us today to set up your unique event!


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