Missions + Teamwork = Success

Working together as a team is essential during our missions. Here are a few you may encounter while at Dragon’s Lair.  Games/missions are constantly evolving and we’re always coming up with new ideas. Don’t be surprised if you have different missions each time you’re at the Lair.


Domination tubes will be scattered throughout the maze. The Fire Dragons and Ice Dragons battle to win the tubes. To mark the tube with your team color you must shoot into the top of tube and maintain your team color for a minimum of 4 mins to officially win that tube. Team that gets 2 out of 3 tubes first wins.

Mysical Bomb

Bombs are activated and counting down! Think fast… how do you split your team?  You only have 6 minutes till detonation. There are two objectives in this mission.

1. Disarm the other teams bomb. How do you disarm it? You must figure out the code before the bomb explodes.

2. Defend the bomb your team set to blow in the other teams territory.


Are you a good thief? One team must defend the Dragon’s Lair vaults while the other team hunts for clues needed to open the vaults. Clues can range from keys, codes, riddles and more. Once you possess all the clues to open a vault you must sneak into the Dragon’s Lair and steal the contents of that vault.
Each vault contains different valuables. The team to open the vault with the most valuable contents wins. Don’t worry, each team will get a chance to be the thieves.
But be careful, the dragon may break through his cave and get you.

Zombie Infection

This game is not for the faint-hearted. This super fast paced game pits one against all until the zombie starts it’s rampage.
A staff member will pick one player to begin as the zombie. The selected player has 20 seconds to place him or herself strategically in the arena before becoming the zombie. Since the zombie is one against all initially, it will have more power than everyone else. When the zombie kills another player that player becomes a zombie as well. How will the game end? Either when everyone is dead or when all zombies are killed.
Stay alert…….your friend may have just turned. Think fast or you may be next!!
*Please note you have a limited supply of ammo and your health cannot be restored during this game.

Other missions available

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